Do you offer accredited training?

Leadership training: We took the decision some time ago not to offer accredited training.  We made that decision for two very clear reasons.  Firstly, whenever a company delivers accredited training there is an additional cost to the client.  You have to pay a fee to the awarding body.  That can be as high as £65 per learner.  Secondly, to get a qualification your staff have to complete a set number of hours and cover certain topics.  When we floated this idea past our clients, they told us that they only really wanted the topics and level of training that was relevant to them (rather than following a prescribed syllabus).

So, we prefer to offer training that fits the individual needs of our clients rather than the needs of an awarding body.  That said we are obsessed with quality and making sure that our training makes a difference. We also invest a lot of time in helping our clients measure the impact of their training and assessing that learning has taken place!

How do we know the training will have an impact?

Making sure our training makes a difference is one of the most important things for us.  There are different ways to check that training is hitting the right notes, and we can work with all of them.

Our accredited courses all include some form of assessment of learning.  So you can be sure that staff have taken on board the knowledge they need.  On our non-accredited courses, our trainer will be checking and testing knowledge as they go.  For example on our presentation skills course, everyone gives a presentation and in our project management course, we get everyone to do a multi-choice quiz.  Basically, you can rest assured that all our ready-to-tailor courses are tried and tested!

And if you’re looking for a large scale, bespoke solution – then we’ll happily build impact evaluation into the programme for you.


I’m not quite sure which topic is right for us?

We get that. Choosing training can be a bit like trying to select the right biscuits (sorry we’re a bit obsessed with biscuits, but bear with us, the analogy works).  It’s like standing in the biscuit aisle in the supermarket looking at all the options.  Do you want individually wrapped biscuits just for one or two people?  Do you want cheap and cheerful biscuits just to tide you over?  Do you want chocolate or plain – which one will fulfil your needs? Will everyone like the ones that you pick, and what about people with special dietary needs!  (See we told you it worked!)

That’s not a problem.  We’re as good at helping people identify their training needs as we are at picking biscuits.  Firstly, we have a template to help you narrow down what you need.  Then we offer a free 15-minute training needs audit over the phone.  Most of the time, we can help you figure out what you need in that call.  No obligation!

If you have a lot of staff that need training, we offer ‘a training needs’ analysis service.  We’ll come and see you and work through what you need staff to do more of or less of (now and in the future).  We’ll even bring the biscuits.  Want to know more?  Get in touch.


We struggle to get all our staff together at once for training.  How can you help?

We always say that the hardest thing about training is finding a convenient day and time.  There are several ways to tackle this.  We can provide training outside core business hours – so evenings or weekends.  We can split one-day courses down into two evenings, or longer courses into manageable chunks.  That’s no problem!

We also offer blended learning solutions. What does that mean? Well, we take our standard course, and we know what bits absolutely work best-taught face-to-face.  The rest we can teach using a range of other tools.  So we might provide some self-paced learning either in form of handouts or via our online learning community.  Then we bring staff together for a shorter period of time to help them with the practical skills.

If you’re not sure about that, we have a series of masterclasses.  Bite-sized courses in a range of topics that we can deliver to as many or as few staff as you like.  Lasting around 90 minutes these sessions are perfect for refreshing skills or providing time-poor staff with the highlights of a particular topic.

If you really can’t get staff together at all – then our online courses might suit your needs.  Still not sure?  Get in touch, we’re happy to help you plan a training intervention that suits your business needs.


What if I book and need to cancel?

We understand that things happen and we try to be as flexible as possible with our clients.  Though if we’ve booked time with one of our guru’s for you, or held a space on one of our courses for you, we may have turned away other clients.  So, we’ll make sure that you get a copy of our terms and conditions up-front so you know where you stand!