Executive coaching and group coaching

As coaches we know you have the answer to your own questions, we just help you to dig them out, to help you reach your potential and maximise performance. Whether it’s executive coaching; talent pool coaching; management coaching: or group coaching/ action learning, our role is to help you to bridge the gap between where now and where you really want to be, helping you to break any bad habits or patterns of behaviour.

We love to help people and teams help themselves in finding solutions, improving processes and refining the way they work. There’s nothing better than talking through a particular challenge with someone, asking probing questions, challenging their mindset, all without judgment, helping them to see their way forward.


Our coaches help individuals improve their well-being and performance as a manager or senior leader and unblock their greatest potential. A huge boost for any organisation. Through our coaching, you or your teams will create a plan for your goals, monitor progress and overcome any obstacles preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Whether it’s a one-off coaching or a programme, delivered in person or virtually, we can provide:

  • coaching for aspiring managers
  • coaching for managers
  • Group coaching


Action Learning

Action Learning is a simple and powerful way for staff to tackle real-life issues by getting support and advice from colleagues, without it becoming a ‘whinge fest’.

Action learning sets are a structured way to talk about real and current problems with a specific focus on action. Small groups meet regularly for around six meetings, each member has dedicated time to explore a challenge that they are facing from staffing issues, to work barriers or career development plans. Their peers then help them to deepen their understanding of the issue, gain insight and different perspectives by asking challenging and probing questions.

Successful action learning requires careful, and expert facilitation. We’ve helped dozens of organisations roll out action learning from providing expert facilitators to run action learning set for you, to training an internal team of facilitators to embed action learning in a more sustainable way. Get in touch to find out how McCrudden Training can help your organisation.

Developing a coaching and mentoring culture

A coaching culture empowers people to excel, drives innovation and creates an engaged workforce. That’s an easy thing to say, it’s less easy to actually achieve. Many organisations aspire to cultivate a coaching ethos, few succeed.

We’ve helped organisations train managers to use a coaching style in everyday conversations; trained experienced staff to mentor talent and helped to develop and support a bank of internal coaches to offer team and individual coaching, as a sustainable route to creating a coaching and mentoring culture.

Whatever your plans, we’re happy to share learning from our experiences and help you on your path to creating the organisation you desire. Call us or contact us now to arrange a free 15-minute discussion.

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