Coping with Change: Bite Sized

Restructures, mergers, expansions, promotions and even seemingly minor changes can leave people feeling unsettled. Change increases uncertainty, raises stress and chips away at motivation. Yet, change is almost constant. Smart organisations make sure their staff understand how change affects them and supports them to navigate a path to success.

Coping with Change is part of our ‘highlights’ collection of ready-to-tailor masterclasses with a strong pragmatic focus. Sessions can be delivered as is, or act as a time and cost-efficient starting point for developing personalised learning for your organisation.

Course Details

The human brain is hardwired to see change as a threat. Change, even welcome change can be emotive. Understanding how your brain respond to change and ‘normal’ human reactions can put your staff back in control of their reactions and allow them to discuss genuine concerns professionally. This lively Highlights session covers:

  • Reactions to change (what’s ‘normal’ and why)
  • How and why people’s responses to change differ
  • Navigating the change curve
  • Thinking traps that get you stuck and ways to manage strong emotions



Delivered on MS Teams, Zoom or Webex. Repeat the session three times or combine with other ‘Highlights’ sessions in one-day to maximise your budget.

Create a change ready workforce by helping people to understand their reactions.

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