Organisational Change Training Courses

Organisational Change

Our organisational change courses support you and your managers through delivering a change programme across your organisation, whether it’s restructuring and organisational change in response to new drivers, to improve services or to protect the future of the organisation.

Whatever your reason for a change programme, and we are yet to meet an organisation that is doing it just for fun, we help your managers understand the best ways to communicate change with their teams, how to help those who are struggling and then cope with the changes themselves. Giving you a resilient workforce.

Anywhere up to 70% of change initiatives fail, or don’t fully realise the sought-after benefits. Usually for some very predictable reasons, including embarking on the change with a combination of blind faith and gut instinct.

In today’s world, most organisations are on an almost perpetual cycle of change. Which can lead to feelings of change fatigue and increased resistance for staff. After all, the human brain is not hard-wired to enjoy change or uncertainty.

Effective change management and change leadership, including preparing your managers to lead their teams during change has been shown to at least double the chances of successful change. That needs senior leaders who understand how to design and lead change, operational managers who understand how to implement change and staff who understand the impact of change and how to remain resilient.

There are proven techniques available to help those designing and leading change – let us show you.

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