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Project Management

We’ve yet to meet an organisation that doesn’t have projects of some description running. It’s our experience that effective project management is one of the least understood management tools. Companies will often put someone in charge of a project because they’re ‘organised’. And that individual can end up really struggling if they don’t understand good project management techniques. It’s not that they’re not organised – they just don’t have the right techniques or knowledge for leading a project.

The good news is that project great project management skills are just a training course away.

Poor project management leads to projects that are delivered late, go over budget, or don’t achieve all their promised outcomes. At worse, they are abandoned. What a waste of time, money, energy – and morale for that person you left in charge because ‘they run a tight ship on their day job’.
Every organisation, regardless of size, is involved in projects in one form or another. You have the obvious big projects like service re-design, procurement initiatives, new project designs, or implementing a new IT system. But often projects can be smaller with tighter timescales, like hosting stakeholder engagement events, office relocations, or internal projects to support staff. But they are still projects.

That is they are activities with a definitive starting and end date and clear objectives. Delivering them successfully requires all the same principles at their heart.

It’s been suggested that 80% of ‘high-performing’ projects are led by a trained project manager.  Our project management courses are made for new project managers or those looking to improve their skills, making sure your projects succeed through design rather than luck.

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